Viking Kennels

Big or Small, We Take em' All

                 Serving Kitsap County and beyond for 30 years

Viking Kennels is located just 3 miles north of beautiful Poulsbo, WA(Location page)

Our kennel is surrounded by trees and all the beauty that we love about WA.  We have been serving Poulsbo for over 30 years.   For years now people  have had the privilege of getting to know who cares for their pets. When you have the same people, greeting you and your pet,  your pet gets to know them and they get to know your pet.  Making the kennel experience one your pet enjoys, instead of dreading. Not only that, you get to know the people caring for your pet and that makes leaving your pet a good experience for you as well.

The kennels are described in greater detail in the Rate and Services section

Carmen Helgesen is the owner and bought the kennels in 1994.  Her assistant Lucy Tuggle started working at the kennel in 1993.

Carmen and Lucy make your pet feel right at home.

Over the years Viking kennels has seen many pets go from puppies to old dogs.  Some pets have been coming to us for 13 years or more.  We have also seen our customers children grow as well.  They are like part of our family.   And your dog and your family can be too.

Carmen has been: a kennel owner, dog groomer, dog handler and trainer. Her vast experience with dogs has helped many of our pets and their owners understand each other better.

Our focus is the care and safety of your pet. 

Please call us if you would like to stop by and take a look. As stated before we live on the property and so we do not stay in the office all day, so please give us a call to let us know when you would like to stop by.

Keep in mind we are not a fancy place, your pets care and safety are our focus, not a fancy building.  But we have lots and lots of love for your pet. So give us a try and see what you think.


Christmas Reservations

We are full up for Christmas,

but you can request to be put on a waiting list.